1) Messer Ughetto degli Atellani, falconer, lived in the district of Grazie in Milan. In love with Algisa, the beautiful daughter of a baker, he hired him as an apprentice and, to increase sales, he tried to invent a dessert: with the best flour from the mill he kneaded eggs, butter, honey and sultanas. Then he baked. It was an amazing success, everyone wanted to taste the new bread and, some time later, the two young lovers got married and lived happily ever after.

2) The cook in the service of Ludovico il Moro was commissioned to prepare a sumptuous Christmas dinner, to which many nobles from the surrounding area had been invited, but the dessert, forgotten in the oven, almost charred. Given the desperation of the cook, Toni, a small kitchen boy, proposed a solution: "With what is left in the pantry - a little flour, butter, eggs, lime peel and some raisins - I cooked this dessert this morning. If you have nothing else, you can bring it to the table. " The cook agreed and, trembling, stood behind a curtain to spy on the guests' reaction. Everyone was enthusiastic and to the duke, who wanted to know the name of that delicacy, the cook revealed the secret: "L 'is the pan del Toni". Since then it has been the "Toni bread", or panettone.

Our panettone is kneaded with: flour, natural sourdough, butter, sugar, fresh eggs, raisins, candied fruit, and some secret ingredients as is the tradition of a good pastry chef.

The fifty hours of processing, the care and quality of the raw materials, in addition to the absence of any preservative or chemical additive, differentiate our artisan panettone from industrial production.

A curiosity: all the panettone, as soon as they are baked, must be turned upside down, so that they do not "sit" ... our no ... do not need to be turned upside down. This characteristic is due to the quality of our natural mother yeast. In this way we avoid a lot of work and the unpleasant "holes" in the bottom of the panettone.