Luigi Giuliani

Giuliani Luigi, born in Sanremo on 21 October 1971.

Bakery, pastry chef. National Councilor - President of the province of Imperia Assipan - Confcommercio - Italy. The Italian Association of Bakers ASSIPAN - Confcommercio Imprese per l'Italia represents and protects the interests of the economic operators of the bakery sector and related sectors on a national level. Luigi started his business at the age of 15, in 1986, at the "Giuliani Francesco bakery" managed by his father and mother since 1968. Following the father's precious teachings, he became passionate about the art of bakery linked to the use of methods traditional with the research and use of natural ingredients and techniques. In 2000 he became the owner of the family bakery "La Baguette since 1968" of Giuliani Luigi and C. s.n.c.

Over the years the passion for the art of bakery / pastry increases and leads him to attend professional refresher and specialization courses at laboratories and milling industries of different Italian cities (Aosta, Piacenza, Imperia, Savona, Rovigo, Fossano, Alessandria, Cuneo), which consolidate his knowledge and preparation on the matter. On 31.1.2008 he changed his working method by focusing entirely on the natural product, thus giving life to natural yeast called "sour sourdough." Starting from an apple, with the only use of flour and water, it reaches the right maturation of the "sour mother". He therefore begins to make all his doughs of bread, pizza, focaccia, croissants, brioches, panfrutto, pandori, panettone, colombe, etc., every day, using, only and exclusively, the "mother yeast", thus improving the shelf life, digestibility the flavor, aroma and appearance of each product. Today, within its Ospedaletti laboratory, aware that only research and experimentation will lead to an improvement in the quality and authenticity of the finished product, it continues its artisan production activity based on natural products only, without the use of preservatives, additives or chemical products.