The Biga

All our products leavened bakery are kneaded yeast-based naturalmother, with the use of the pre-dough or with the direct use of the final dough.

Unlike in the traditional method, in which the pre-dough called "biga" is created with flour, water and yeast, in our products the "chariot" is composed of flour, water and yeast natural mother, it is left to ferment for hours, giving the bread a distinctive aroma and a unique flavor.



The Sour Mother Dough

The Sour Mother Dough is the Yeast For Excellence!

The sour mother dough has been for millennia the rising spark of baking. Since the begin of the last century all the oven products were mixed with the natural yeast. Starting from the first '30, the baking process, first at industrial level, then also at handcraft level, used brewer’s yeast.